Saying thanks for those who change the world

Opening one’s heart and mind to a noble cause is part of what makes the world a better place. Philanthropists work hard to promote worthy causes, and they deserve our praise and appreciation.

High-end recognition pieces and awards for donors are a great way to say thank you, while tasteful and impactful giveaways for guests of philanthropic events and fundraisers are a token of appreciation for their support. A clever and creative gift for relations and external parties can also draw extra attention to the cause, and increase its media exposure. These gifts show gratitude to those impacting the world for the better.

Donor Recognition

Although donors do not support causes they believe in to get anything in return, they will certainly appreciate recognition and gratitude for their efforts and contribution. Donor recognition gifts convey the values of your… read more >

Giveaways for Events

Small yet meaningful giveaways complement any event and leave a lasting memory of it. We offer personally designed concepts that align with the overall visual language your organization and even the venue itself, while illuminating… read more >

External Relations

Philanthropic organizations have an abundance of current and potential external relationships, may it be governmental institutions, the business world, local communities, the organization’s chapters abroad… read more >

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