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Special memories for a lifetime

Academic establishments are cultural and historical landmarks, both for the communities around them and the students that spend their best years walking those halls. Academic establishments have a proud heritage of developing future generations of scholars, researchers, and professionals.

The unique sentiment that surrounds academia stems from the special memories students and faculty share in the most defining years of young people’s lives. Memories that become sweet nostalgia when students graduate to be alumni, for years and decades to come.

A gift for your current and prospecting students, alumni, faculty, board members, donors, and relations is a wonderful way to commemorate the bond between both sides, and express gratitude for the loyalty and shared experiences. A special gift from an academic establishment will draw a smile on the receiver’s face months, years and decades later.

Commencement / Graduation

Graduation ceremonies are one of the proudest moments in the life of students and their families. A commencement/ graduation gift is a way to celebrate a personal achievement after a long and challenging road. Each graduate will cherish the gift and have it on constant display / use for the rest of his or her life… read more >

Staff and Faculty Members

Appreciating the staff and faculty that make your establishment what it is, is a wonderful moment to show what you stand for. A periodic gift for holidays or other events can be a small and useful piece that the recipient can take and enjoy home. Goodbye gifts for those who retire or move away elsewhere can be more… read more >

Gifts for Board Members

Gifts for board members are an opportunity to embody the university’s values and mission in a physical artifact that can be displayed in an office or even at home. Usually, board members have received a gift or two in their lives, so a truly magnificent recognition gift must be different than the rest… read more >

Gifts for Alumni

Your establishment’s alumni are the link between the past and the future. Alumni are proud to have studied in your academic establishment in the past, and glad to be part of the greater network of professionals and donors linked to the university’s present and future. Meeting alumni at events and ceremonies… read more >

Donor Recognition

Donors play an impactful role in any academic activity. Their contribution on all accounts is what makes your establishment what it is, whether in terms of research possibilities, student welfare, community reach and much more. Recognizing donors with a distinguished high-end trophy, award or gift serves… read more >

External Relations

Every university has external relationships, may it be governmental institutions, the business community, fellow universities locally and abroad, media, and other external parties in the educational ecosystem. Giveaways for external relations represent your establishment to the outside world…. read more >

Giveaways for Events

Small yet meaningful giveaways complement any event and leave a lasting memory of it. We offer personally designed concepts that align with the overall visual language of the university and the venue itself, while illuminating the purpose of the gathering. We recommend lightweight and easy to carry gifts that… read more >

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