Our story

A passion for design

A gift is a way to mark a road taken and symbolizes the path ahead. Gifts must be unique, personal and hold meaning for both sides. They have to tell a story that resonates in the mind and soul.

When realizing that the most incredible achievements in one’s academic and professional life are celebrated with generic giveaways, mass-produced copy-paste products, we’ve decided to try and make something different.

FIBONACCI is an exclusive arts & crafts studio. What started as a family workshop, founded by Artist Jonathan Geifman & Architect Elad Geffen, is today a collective of artists and designers who share a passion for exploring exciting new designs that express artistic ingenuity.

We design custom made items that incorporate your establishment’s spirit and values, fully based on your need and within your defined budget. We create all types of gifts, from small giveaways to high-end recognition gifts.

Inspired by the renowned Italian mathematician, we aspire to bring together the worlds of academia and aesthetics, to create unique items that manifest beauty with meaning.

“We aim to create gifts that truly capture moments in time and evoke emotion.”


Worry-free A-Z service

we take care of everything. Our service is a one-stop-shop from idea to product, in a simple, seamless and straightforward way. Our price is predetermined and includes all expected costs (even shipping and taxes). No surprise fees along the way. We deliver on time with a quality level that will exceed your expectations.


in an ocean of generic giveaways, it is not easy to come up with new ideas and designs. We focus on unique gift concepts and develop truly exclusive designs. By using your own establishment symbols, signs, texts, values, architecture and history we will create a meaningful piece that will represent your institute truthfully. Our ultimate accomplishment is when your feedback describes how amazed were the receivers of your gifts.

Affordable high-end gifts

our advanced manufacturing methods allow us to keep high quality while semi-mass producing at an affordable price. We give life to creative and elegant ideas made with the finest materials and in the right quantity within your budget without compromising the fine details.


we prefer to see you as our partner rather than our client. Our passion is design and our vision is to fill the world with beautiful gifts that hold true meaning and inspiration both for the giver and receiver. Working with you enables us to fulfill our vision by creating gifts that express true appreciation and tell the story of your establishment.

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